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Can I book with another agent and join the Dancealicious group?

Alas, No.  To be part of our Dancealicious Dance Group individuals must book the cruise through Dancealicious Travel,.  There are No exceptions.  


Any non registered dancer on board the ship who does not book through Dancealicious Travel will be denied access to our workshops, nightly social dances & private parties, shore excursions, and nightly restaurant dining activities.  


Booking through our dance group is what enables Dancealicious Travel the access to ship's dance space/venues throughout the cruise.  If individuals were to book outside the group, the ship would not grant our Group access to the dance space/venues.  And, after all, we are on the cruise to dance.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

What do I receive with my dance cruise package?

Besides your cabin, the array of ship experiences & on-shore opportunities, your dance package registers you to participate in our many custom dance cruise amenities! Workshops, Parties, Social activities, excursions, ship entertainment, Exotic ports, Meals and more.

You must book through Dancealicious cruises or ShaneKeriDance to be eligibale for the dance package. These include workshop sessions, dance practicas, social dancing, private dance parties, pop-up activities, personal experiences with your Pros & the ability to book private lessons. It’s better than a weekend event… it’s your floating dance extravaganza!

Note: if you book directly through another agent you will not be eligable to attend any of the dance activities provided by SKDance/ShaneKeriDance/Dancealicious Cruises.

What makes us at Dancealicious Cruises different from any regular cruise?

On Dancealicious Cruises have loads of activities geared around the active and energetic dancer.

We offer:

  • Dance socials most nights all hosted by our team & instructors

  • The best Dancealicious DJ with the best dance music

  • Dance workshops, usually multiple on the days at sea & quality instructors

  • Private parties, nightly dinners and shore excursions for our group

  • And the list goes on !

Is the whole ship booked for Dancealicous Dancers

No, the ship will not be all dancers or just people form dancealicious. We host our dance groups each cruise for a variety of dance styles, length of days and to a variety of destinations around the world.
Each group varies slightly in destination, number of attendees and the dance theme, from Country, Swing & Modern Jive &/or a combination of those styles. The cruise line is set up to treats our group’s activities as private parties and functions during our travel and is open only to those sailing with our dancealicious dance group

What do I pack

We recommend you check the weather for our destinations & also look into what on ship & on-shore activities look attractive in order to come prepared with clothing which will suite the temperature & your activity. Of course pack your jammies & toiletries… you want to ensure you have all the basics. But then don’t forget your dance shoes & clothes in which to take workshops & social dance! Keep in mind we’ll be announcing special experiences custom to your cruise so keep your eyes out for updates! (Hint: The Melbourne Cup happens while we’re on our cruise.) Finally, think about in which dining area you’ll be having dinner & check out the schedule to locate your formal dinner night. With all this in mind, you should be able to pack successfully for our dance cruise.

If you have a question, who do I contact?

We’re here to help! If you’d rather speak with someone please feel free to call the number best suited for your area & we’ll be ready to answer your questions. Just want to drop us a quick note? Send us an email & we’ll get back with you re: the information you’ve requested. Our Team (Shane, Keri) is ready & glad to assist you.

How do I know what trip is right for me?

Are you looking to have fun, meet lots of new people! Are you wanting to add some adventure to your life and learn to dance at the same time.  This is for you, we will look after you all the way at Dancealicious dance cruises.

How do I find out about visa requirements?

If your cruise is heading out of Australia you may still not require a Visa, you may only need your passport, if you have a foreign passport we recommend you check online for details at VisaLink.com.au

Do I need travel insurance?

We recommend all travellers take travel insurance, it's the best way to guarantee you are covered before & during the cruise. If you need to know more about where to get insurance please send us a message.

I don't have a roommate yet, what should I do?

After you pay your deposit you’ll return to our merchant page & be prompted through an initial registration page. On that page you can list your roommate TBD (to be determined). You can let us know who you find for a roommate or ask for our assistance in finding one. We have until Aug. 3rd to notify the cruise line of rooming arrangements. Didn’t fill out a registration page? See “I didn’t see the registration page…” FAQ, below.

I don't see the registration page when I Paid how do I complete it?

If you did not “return to merchant” after paying you may not have filled out your preliminary registration form. If that is a case, visit our “Book Now” page on this website… scroll to the bottom & click on the link provided in order to complete your registration.

I've paid my $100 Deposit, when is the balance due?

Congratulations! You’ve held your spot. We can’t wait to have you cruise with us! Your 50% deposit, less the initial $100 payment, is due by March 26th. Your balance is then due by Aug. 3rd. * Fees are non-refundable.

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